Having always been fond admirers of Bille's art work, we are now very privileged to say we own two of these beautiful pieces. They have pride of place, adorning our living room walls. Everyone always comments on them. We bought our sofas and lampshades to compliment the paintings! Love them. Thank you.
James and Lizzie, Nottinghamshire, England.

Ive just received my first painting from Billie. Although I've been a fan for years, to finally own an original Billie Ireland piece is just lovely. There's so much depth to the piece you could just dive in. This is a wonderful creation which I'm sure we will enjoy for many years to come. I fell for the artwork from a photo online but the photos simply don't do it justice though. It's stunning in real life.
Great service and a swift secure delivery.
Oscar & Sam, Belfast

"Amazing painting from Billie, really adds a bit of space"
Carl & Nicky

I think we forget that we are a part of nature. Modern life separates us from that memory. For me Billie's paintings are an antidote to this, a bridge, reconnecting us to our essentiality.

If that sounds too poncey, you could say they're great for hiding damp patches.
JD, Nottingham, UK

I am lucky enough to have several of Billie's creations which give me great pleasure and bring each room to life.
Elle UK

The paintings by Billie Ireland have always captivated me. I admire how skillfully she creates paintings with such detail, using a subtle sense of colour, shape and texture. The layers of paint capturing an organic sense is as beautiful as it is intriguing. I have always wanted to own a piece of artwork and this year was able to buy an original piece by Billie, which is hanging in pride of place in my living room.
Pauline, Kent, England.