Personal History

Icon 2, folding triptych (the inside)
Acylic and wood dye on traditional gesso. Folding Mahogany panels made from my granny's table with brass hinges.
40 x 25cm
This is one of a set of 3 personal icons made from my grandmothers dining table shortly after her death. The Cicadae has become a recurring symbol and finally became the symbolic totem for the breakdown of a 17 year relationship. This particular Cicadae has pupae that lay dormant for 17 years until briefly turning into the flying adult to mate and then die. The large centre Icon has a crow as my totem, this being my sense of new journey, discovery but also the obvious association with death or death of a relationship or old self. The 3rd Icon has hand chakra for positivity and grounding the self. All have abstracted cosmic inside panels.