Labyrinth head in hole mural
This was a fantastic commission to produce 2 themed head in hole murals for a super fun wedding.
The couple each wanted a mural. The bride was a huge fan of Bowie and the Labyrinth film. The Groom a massive wrestling fan.

These were such fun to make and how fabulous to help make the special day perfect.
They were a huge success and we were lucky enough to attend the beautiful summer fete themed day.

They have gone on to be used at several other weddings which is a real honour.

Adding colour to the community

Life is a day service for adults with Learning difficulties. "Learning In a Fun Environment".

It was a great pleasure working on this project. What a lovely group of people. I worked with the service users to create four large murals for the road side exterior of the centre.
We looked at their interests and activities at the centre. They wanted bold and lively imagery that reflected the fun atmosphere.
I think we achieved this and it was great working on sight, with the learners giving me daily input and cups of tea.

Brighten up outside play areas with vibrant art
I loved working on this project. Children bring such lively creative elements to any project.

Interestingly this is the first mural project I have painted solo. All the others you will see here were made with students in my college enterprise groups.

Adults with learning disability.

These four murals were commissioned by a council run, inner city, children's home. Each painting is 122cm x 122cm and painted on plywood.

I work on boards for many reasons, as with this client it means the murals can be moved if necessary. It also means that I can paint them at my studio. This means no health and safety issue for the client or it's service users. Obviously painting direct onto walls has its own set of problems, this way we avoid any structural issues or unstable surfaces.

I worked with the kids creating ideas and artworks during 2 workshops at the home. I used manipulated portraits of children and staff and composed images using the kids abstracted drawings and paintings.

I'm really pleased with the results and most importantly so are the kids at the home. They really liven up the play area.

A testimonial from the client. ‘This has been a really enjoyable and fun project for the kids to be involved in. As always, Billie has an intuitive understanding of how to work with disabled young people. The end results look fabulous in our new garden. Thank you Billie!’

Murals to brighten outside play areas
I worked with this children's home to create two large 8ft Murals for their outside play area.

I worked for an inner city college at the time and the group of adults with learning difficulties worked so hard to produce these vibrant Murals.
We used the children interests and some of their drawings. My students then laid out the designs and painted the murals.

These have been up for some years and I have just completed a new set of four murals recently.

This home now has 10 large murals around its site! The staff and kids love them.

Head in a hole Mural, donated to Stonebridge City Farm
I made this two sided Mural for my daughters birthday party. One side you get eaten by the lion and the other by an Orcha or Killer Whale.

I loved making this and we agreed to donate it to Stonebridge City Farm so that lots more children could enjoy it. Plus my daughter can visit her favourite lion anytime.

These Murals are portable and made to commission. My next commissions are two hilarious versions for a wedding. Keep an eye out for when they're finished!

Community Murals Newstead
These two murals were painted 10 years ago and could do with a quick clean. Look how well the colour has stayed true and they are as solid as the day they were unveiled.

Back then i was a lecturer for a city college and my student group had quite profound learning disabilities.
We worked together to set up an arts enterprise. This project allowed us to work with a SureStart nursery based in an ex mining village. We designed and painted two murals based on the local area and the children's drawings.

These murals demonstrate how long lasting a mural commission can be. They add vibrancy and ownership to an otherwise dreary building.
I'm so glad my students' work lives on as some of this group have since past away.

Mosaic mural: Community Allotment Project
This mosaic was designed for a purpose built building used as a teaching space within a community allotment. The mural was designed and made with students from a local college. It was made to withstand exterior and interior environments.

Children's Home and College Mural Project
These Murals were designed and made by my students at college. We worked as an enterprise group to facilitate the brightening up of the outside areas of an inner city children's home. Imagery was taken from the children's drawings and other sources, to create lively and colourful focal points that the children could associate with.

Stonebridge City Farm Mosaic
I made this mosaic with the participation of students and volunteers at the farm.

Stonebridge City Farm is a small slice of the countryside in the heart of the City of Nottingham. It is a great charitable organisation providing all sorts of services to the community.

I have visited Stonebridge often as a child and now take my own children to see the animals and beautiful gardens and wildlife. I have worked with the farm a lot over the years, as a teacher and volunteer.

With this particular project I was commissioned to design and layout a large Mural. The volunteers and staff then painted and installed the Mural.