The Lives We Want Exhibition. Aberystwyth Arts Centre

I collaborated with two wonderful poets who responded to my charcoal/ carbon art work for this exhibition.

Hafn y Glo by Welsh Poet Laureate Mererid Hopwood and first ever woman to be awarded the Chair in the Eisteddfod.

A dyma Hafn y Glo.
Hollt finiog ar fy rhestr
rhwng cadernid Dyffryn yr Allorau
a meddalwch Dôl y Plu.
Hafn y Glo.
Rwy'n chwilio
ar ymylon adnabod
am stamp y rhedyn
sy'n estyn ei fysedd o'r oesoedd
cyn yr oes o'r blaen.
Hafn y Glo.
Rwy'n gwrando am arogl y gwlith,
neu chwiban y dihuno yn llinynnau'r awr
pan ddadweindiodd y ffidil las ei phen.
Hafn y Glo
a'i golau oer.
Hafn y Glo
yn fin, yn gledd,
yn gilfach cyfrinach
fel cof erioed.
Hafn y Glo.
Mae enw hŷn na hwn
mewn marwydos rhywle, sbo.
Hafn y Glo.
Mae'n dwyn fy anadl.

The Lives We Want curated by Matthew Jarvis

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is affecting all areas of life, and living with the coronavirus has thrown into relief many of our habitual ways of being and our ways of living on this planet, including our entanglements with the non-human world. Covid-19 has provided a tragic reminder of the interconnections on which we all depend, underlined by the continuing threats of climate change and biodiversity loss. In the light of these intertwined issues, we need cultural, artistic, and technological responses which help us to rearticulate new visions of what matters and how to engage with planetary realities and relationships – human and non-human. 
Following this theme Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) and Aberystwyth University students (undergraduate and postgraduate) were invited to submit proposals for scholarly, creative, or critical/creative crossover contributions to a multi-site exhibition which will run physically at CAT and Aberystwyth Arts Centre.  

Mary Jacob is a poet and Surrealist practitioner whose work spills across traditional boundaries - a poem may include song and movement when performed, a song may be wrapped up in a story, an image may be created or found as an essential link to a piece of creative writing. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Creative Writing at Aberystwyth University. Her work has been published globally in journals such as Ink Sweat and Tears, Uut Poetry, Surreal Poetics, Visual Verse and more.

Process notes: This is my immediate response to Billie Ireland’s video, Physical Carbon

Leaving Traces

cradle and crush
pop sizzle
sounds of fire in the crumbling

but back up

no fire in the making
just heat without breath
condense down 
to structure and black

move forward now

Physical Carbon Film