Carbon Matters

This work was made during my Masters at Aberystwyth University. The time and focus allowed me to transition into new ways of working. This comes at a time when I am reflecting on the paintings and works made before and after becoming a mother. Where birth, trauma and death entwined into chaotic energy and were reflected in the turmoil and confused tangle of life and art-making. Within the current transition is an underlying theme, where for over 20 years I've focussed on the details. My process and materials covered and exposed whilst creating order and an aesthetic from chaos. The journey to making this work enabled that chaos to find order, my art practice to become focussed and within this work distilled to its essence.

DESTRUCTIVE DISTILLATION or the making of charcoal is the exciting inferno of forced decomposition, transforming life back to its amorphous essence as carbon dust.
The ritual and energy involved in making and then carbonising the work was thrilling and I wanted to know why this was so appealing? The title of the exhibition CONSRUCTIVE DISTILLATION came about because the process of bringing this work to fruition allowed me to gain some clarity. I was able to acknowledge that the work is deeply personal and reflects the human experience. This came about through in depth investigation of materials and the ritual of making alongside the experimental and often sacrificial nature of the process involved.

Essence 1: Carbonised Prunus Spinosa thorns

Complex Carbon. Aberystwyth School of Art

Exhibition View. Aberystwyth School of Art

Still of film Physical Carbon:Starburst.

The starburst collapse captured using the Frottage technique

Cosmic Carbon. Transformation captured using the Frottage technique.