About Billie

Billie Ireland is an artist working from a studio in beautiful mid Wales.

I was born in 1975 in Nottingham, England. My first years were fondly spent living with my dad above the Doby Wash Launderette. I find Launderettes to have the warmth and rhythm of a womb.

I have been painting since the age of 2 but finally received a degree in Fine Arts from Leeds Metropolitan University in 1997.

Personal development and nurturing my practice are very important to me. I continued my education by gaining a Post Graduate Certificate in Arts Practice from Derby University and then a PGCE in Further Education from Nottingham Trent University. This also gave me the opportunity to frequent launderettes more often as a fairly smelly student.

During 2013 I had a daughter and then twin boys came along in 2015, this makes my inherited washing machine a most welcome object. As well as doing lots of washing I have studied several traditional fields like Iconography, Egg Tempera, Silverpoint, Traditional Gesso, Felt making and dyeing.

Beautiful mid Wales and the English Border are now our home and where I will no doubt draw future inspiration.

Over the past 17 years I have enjoyed the opportunity to develop a wide variety of creative and vocational skills through my teaching. Hopefully this can be seen in my work and creative projects, both personal and in the community.

Please contact me if you have any questions about my work or would like to commission an art work or a community project. My paintings create a beautiful contemporary focal point for all kinds of interiors. I have been commissioned for portraiture and abstract paintings to fit particular spaces. Take a look at my testimonials page

Please drop me a line to say hello!

Artist Statement

The ritual involved in making works of art and, in particular, my own process fascinates me. I’m also interested in the wider fields of religious symbolism and spiritual practice. I am continually drawn to themes in nature and ancient arts and materials.

Since becoming a mother, my work has incorporated personal histories. Narratives have evolved combining my own experience of pregnancy and birth with rituals from different eras and cultures.

While my work involves multiple forms and techniques, it is rooted in the traditions of painting and drawing. These works include processes in painting, silverpoint, felt and traditional gesso. Burnt paper, gold leaf and human hair are used to make images that are responses to my need to make spiritual icons representing my physical and spiritual journey. The use of hands-on, time-intensive processes seems particularly appropriate for this subject matter.

Education Art Workshops & Community Arts

Over the past 16 years I have delivered qualifications and informal workshops to a wide variety of groups, both in further education and the community.

I have extensive experience of working with disadvantaged groups and people with learning and/or mental health difficulties. I have taught in residential care, NHS, hospice and mental health day service and other community settings.

Projects have included murals and mosaics for Surestart Children's Centre, Newstead. Stonebridge City Farm, Westdale Lane Allotments, LIFE Day Centre for adults with learning difficulties, New College Nottingham and Crocus Fields Childrens Home.

Some of the educational workshops I can deliver include the following:

• Murals and tile/ pebble mosaic
• Art & Design
• Drawing, paper arts and pyrography
• Painting & printmaking
• Traditional techniques in Gesso, relief work and gilding
• Egg tempera. Acrylic and water based mediums.
• Felt making and fibre arts, silk painting, dyeing and stitch.
• 3D model making and sculpture.


Solo Exhibitions:

2007 - Solo show, Lace market Gallery, Nottingham
2003 - Billie Ireland, The Art Store, Dublin
2002 - Paintings, The Assembly Rooms, Derby
2002 - The South Hall Gallery Show, Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery, Nottingham
2001 - Lace Market Theatre, Nottingham

Group Exhibitions:

2014 - Explorations, 3 person exhib, ThrityFive Gamble, Nottingham
2012 - The Drawing Project, Crocus Gallery, Nottingham
2011 - 4 CAN + 2, Surface Gallery, Nottingham
2010 - The Big Hang, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield
2009 - Nottingham Castle Open, Nottingham Castle, Nottingham
2009 - Painting in progress, The Lace Market Gallery, Nottingham
2008 - IFA Touring Show, Hatworks , Europe
2006 - Great Christmas Art Fair, Alexandra Palace, London
2006 - New Trends in Painting, LCB Depot, Leicester
2005 - Derby Open, Derby Museum and Art Gallery, Derby
2004 - Spain meets Ireland, Sir John Borlase Warren, Nottingham
2003 - Virtual Collect, Experian, Nottingham
2002 - Circa, Bonnington Gallery, Nottingham
2002 - Open Studios Exhibition, Wallner Gallery, University of Nottingham
2001 - Connect, Leicester City Gallery, Leicester
2001 - Createx, City Library and Foreningen Norden, Gothenburg, Sweden
2001 - Createx, The Art Exchange, Nottingham
2001 - Open, Derby Museum and Art Gallery, Derby
2001 - Sir John Borlase Warren, Nottingham
2001 - Visualise, Bonnington Gallery, Nottingham
2000 - Open, Derby Museum and Art Gallery, Derby